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Transforming minimalist design ideas into useful and beautiful things lasting in time, is our devotion




Functional form, resource-saving materials and manufacturing processes, timeless aesthetics: We find it an attractive challenge to optimize an object to the maximum under these requirements. We are always looking for simplicity.


Keeping things simple can be a secret path to freedom and happiness.
















Our flagship product, optimized for best ergonomics and timeless elegance in terms of true sustainability.


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Customers have asked us again and again for a plate. We avoided producing one for a long time because we thought it would not fit into our workflow. In retrospect, this proved to be unfounded.



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The bowls were our first ceramic project. The original idea was to create a ceramic body that could be used as a base for various decoration concepts. This plan receded into the background after initial activities and could be reactivated in the future.


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This one came up in summer 2020. These drinking vessels were meant to complement the pitcher to be used for lemonades and softdrinks. But as it turns out they are being used for cappuccino also.


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Decanter to be used for lemonades and softdrinks. We find that it goes well for beer, too.


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Matcha is a topic since several years and we contribute to the trend with our own rendishen of a drinking vessel for this trendy drink.


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Our vases, like all our vessels, show a straight outer contour. This is inclined upwards towards the middle to safely hold a bouquet of flowers.


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The smoker's pocket piece


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How the bare rim helps to save energy


Have you ever wondered why most of our ceramic objects come with a naked rim? The naked rim allows identical objects to be stacked in the kiln, facing each other rim to rim or bottom to bottom. It is obvious that this would not be possible with a glazed rim - pieces would stick together when the glaze melts. We did not invent this technique; it was used by the old masters when more attention was paid to efficiency and economy. Fact is that this ancient technique dramatically increases the payload per firing, which reduces the energy consumption per piece.


What else helps to reduce energy comsumption


When we started our ceramic production in 2016, it was decided that we would not use biscuit firing. Biscuit firing is a medium temperature firing of ceramic products prior to glazing and final firing. This pre-firing makes the object waterproof and mechanically stable. The main reason for this is to facilitate glazing, as it makes the objects easier to handle. After careful drying, our objects are glazed using refined techniques that match their raw state. The development of our procedures took some time and cost a lot of learning, but today we are glad that we abandoned biscuit firing from the beginning.


Combined effects for saving energy


Our workflow jumps over the biscuit firing, that is, we glaze our objects in their raw state. Together with directly stacking the pieces which is possible due to the naked rim we estimate, that we can save alltogether about 40 percent firing energy.

Our workshop and the kiln are powered by green electricity
















Optimization of the design of a soap holder for terrorists of beauty.


terrorists of beauty is a Hamburg start-up that has been writing a successful history since the end of 2018. The mission is to free the bathroom from plastic. This is to be achieved with high-quality soaps that shoulb be completely sufficient for the care of skin and hair. Visit them, it is definitely worth it.


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For friends of clear lines and modern look we have created an incense stick holder.


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The return to the proven block soap seems to be a trend that we support in the sense of a more sustainable world. Admittedly, liquid soap from a pump dispenser at the sink is a practical matter, but the concept usually involves more or less plastic.


For those who prefer a piece of soap, we have an answer to how best to store it.


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Design and production of a presentation object for a perfume as point of sales according to the requirements of the client Equality Fragrances.


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The FORESTAY series was born from the occupation with stainless steel wire in preparation for the study of dentistry. Simplicity at its best ...


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Our CUP should be a companion through the day, for example at work. COASTER is there to make sure it does not land on documents or sensitive surfaces. It's the home of CUP, so to speak. Always clear where it should be placed...


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We love to eat with our ceramic products. Whether breakfast or lunch, our ceramic line is enough to set a table with everything you need. The only thing missing is a base on which you don't ruin a sharp knife while cutting. And this is where the proven breakfast board with its good qualities comes into play.


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CHAIR "laid back"


Straight chair for dining table


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Straight chair for dining table


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A nice place to rest


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A lamp made from leftover walnut wood and an IKEA lampshade.


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In the era of computer graphics print art may look somewhat old school. But who knows... things keep returning


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A series of photos with motives from Ystad and surroundings


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